Monday, August 9, 2010

Crochet Little People

As I mentioned in the post about the Fourth of July Car, I have been working to find a pattern that would make crochet toys close to the Fisher Price Little People or the Weebles. My first attempt was a start, but not where I wanted to finish.

While I was working on Christmas ornaments, I think I found the solution. It is amazing the things you discover when trying to do something else. I was working on ornaments from Leisure Arts Christmas Ornaments to Crochet #512. The leaflet has a "basic ornament" pattern that it refers to for several people and animal ornament patterns. I was working on one of the doll patterns when I realized it was not coming out as the pattern suggested, however it did look like the Little People I had been trying to make. Therefore, I abandoned ornament making and made a couple of these as prototypes. I will have to make more before Christmas, but I have a start now.

These are easy to adapt and I am looking forward to making a variety of them to go with my other toys. I see a farmer couple emerging.

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Clotilde M. said...

Those are truly lovable. Great job!

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