Friday, September 30, 2011

Butterfly Crochet Dishcloth

Just a reminder if you have not entered the Fashion Doll Leaflet Giveaway for a Leisure Arts crochet leaflet you can enter here.

This dischloth was made using the Butterfly Crochet Dishcloth #171 from Maggie Weldon's dishcloth challenge. My in-laws fly in from out of state for Christmas so we generally give gift cards so they don't have to ship too much when they head home. I still like to add some home made items. My MIL collects butterflies and I found two dishclothes in Maggie's contest.

This has been another stash busting Christmas project. I used up some Lily Sugar & Creme I had on hand. Although I will confess I bought some Bernat Handicrafter at the AC Moore sale over the weekend to replace it. Purple is a popular color for my spring projects.

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Sharon said...

Love it! Such a great idea to put a design into the cloth to look like something! :)

Anonymous said...


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