Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winner of the RoseRed Design Contest/Giveaway ME

When I heard about the giveaway over at RoseRed Designs I thought it was for multiple people. I could not believe the generous gifts. I must confess I entered for the hooks, but the yarn, the beautiful bag, and cup are amazing as well. I love rose themed stuff, so I am one happy camper.

I reassured my husband when he saw the large box that I really had won a contest, I had not ordered something and forgot to mention it.

I already have plans for some of the yarn and I am researching ideas for the rest.

I was not the first person chosen in this contest. The lesson is if you enter a contest, make sure you give the right email address and respond when you hear back. While I feel bad for the person that lost out. I am not feeling at all guilty as I try out my new crochet hooks.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats again on the win!

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