Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Bell

This is last in my Thanksgiving bell series from Seasonal Bell pattern from the February 2001 edition of Hooked on Crochet (Number 85). Like the Pilgrim Hat bell this project combined the original pattern with a free Ken Doll Pilgrim pattern(for the turkey) to complete the project.

This project combine scraps that I picked up at various sales and left over Red Heart worsted weight and Caron One Pounder yarn. I am enjoying watching my bag of scrap yarn balls disappear as I work through these projects.

Free Holiday Patterns Available on the Following Blog Pages:

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Mandy said...

That is so cute! Crochet is one thing I never learned to do.

C.Mahan said...

I loved to crochet. I have a feeling I have forgotten so much. Knitting and I don't get along to well. I miss crafts. I will be glad when school does not take up so much of my time and I can enjoy the smalls things in life! This turned out really cute!

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