Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pilgrim Man

This is the companion to the Pilgrim Woman I made from the Needlecraft for Today Sept/Oct 1984 magazine.

The pattern for the male was slightly more challenging as he had more details to complete than she did and his costume was more elaborate.

I like the face design of this older style, but I am still not crazy about the 2-D hands. It is something I will have to work on before making the next set of them.

I used up some of my Red Heart Super worsted and sport weight yarn for this project. I also had some scraps that helped finish it off.

This package should arrive by the end of the week.

Many of you that read this blog know knitting is not one of my stronger skills, but I took out my needles to work on a turkey dishcloth. A new yarn store offers knitting classes one town over and I am thinking about signing up after the holidays. I can do the basic knit/purl that allows me to finish something like a dishcloth. However, I can never figure out how to fix my mistakes, which I have some basic skills doing with crochet. I will say my wrists are far sorer than they ever are when I spend hours crocheting.

I am also planning on dusting off my looms, digging out the DVD's and books I have bought and working on learning looming in January. I have wanted to put some time into learning how, but keep getting distracted by crochet projects. I have promised this winter looming is a goal.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for these great patterns.You have inspired me,

Daisy said...

Oh I got an immediate smile when I saw him. I am so looking forward to the rest of your holiday projects!

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