Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crochet Techniques Stitches Patterns

I have been trying to avoid buying books on impulse or rejecting buying them because I'm afraid they won't be what I wanted and will sit on a shelf unused. As a result, I have been borrowing more crochet books from the library to preview when they are available. Crochet!: Techniques*Stitches*Patterns is a book I have flipped through several times, but had never had the chance to really explore in depth prior to my reservation at the library.

This book starts with beginner techniques and works its way through more advanced techniques. What intrigued me was the introduction to bags. As many of the swaps I am engaging in asks for bags, it is a talent I need to learn and have resources to improve on as I learn the basics. As a visual learner, I love that they use photographs instead of drawings. Everyone learns differently, but I learn better, when I can see what the crocheter is supposed to be doing.

This book also addresses symbol crochet giving a photograph and accompanying symbol representation in the index. The stitch section of the book also includes symbols to introduce and encourage readers to learn crochet symbols.

While I have several stitch guides and crochet guides in my collection, I am considering adding this one for its stitch guide and the instruction on symbol reading.

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