Friday, November 25, 2011

American Girl Blue Pilgrim Dress

I have been making Thanksgiving items in what I call decoration colors and then items for kids trying to work in traditional colors. This dress is actually far more traditional in color than most of the black, brown, and grey that you see in decorations of Pilgrims for the holidays. My goal is to make some of each so that the kids can compare and contrast the two.

This dress was made adapting Darski's free Pilgrim pattern. This is one of my favorite 18" doll patterns, but for some reason, I was struggling with it this holiday. It could be that I made three dresses in a short period of time and had to rush to complete this one. I was not as happy with the finished look as I have been with previous attempts. However, I was pleased that I finally figured out my challenge with one area that was a result of my bad crocheting.

This project was completed using Red Heart and Caron One Pound yarn.

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