Friday, November 18, 2011

Pilgrim Hat Bell

This is the second Thanksgiving bell in the set of three I made. This one combines the Seasonal Bell pattern from the February 2001 edition of Hooked on Crochet (Number 85)and a Ken free Pilgrim pattern for the hat.

This has been another project dedicated to using up scraps. The variegated yarn is Red Heart Super Saver left over from an afghan I made a while ago. The black is Caron One Pounder from a current afghan I am making for Christmas.

I made progress on my knitted dishcloth yesterday. I was actually able to pull out a row without having to start over from the beginning of the pattern. This is a rare happening for me. While I can pull out several rows of crochet and correct, one stitch can be the end of me with a basic knitted piece.

I am continuing to make progress on the last of the children's afghans I'm making for Christmas. I finished the chart for the first time through and am a couple of rows into the first repeat of the chart. Mom's suggestion of using yarn bobbins has been a huge help. I am using variety of brands since this afghan has lots of colors. The multiple sizes like the Boye Bulky Yarn Bobbins and the Boye Smaller Yarn Bobbins help to manage tangling and weight. I have picked up a few Susan Bates bobbins as well. I find they all work equally well. The important part is to have enough to make the changes you for the pattern.

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