Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WIP Tuesday

Well it is voting day here in our fine City so I am not sure how much crocheting I will get done, but I have plenty to do.

I am working on a crochet mosaic cat afghan that I am loving. I have a granny stripe afghan started for my Mom that may end up being a birthday gift. I am getting myself organized and motivated to finish my Thanksgiving box now that my heat is back on. I have started a holiday swap at Crochetville so I have a couple of things to plan and one on the hook for that as well. I just need to pull patterns and make some choices. I am also waiting to hear back from my swap partner about a few other items.

I will say after crocheting in the cold without heat I have come to appreciate the Susan Bates Bamboo handled hooks over my collection of metal hooks. The metal hooks made my cold hands even colder, but the wood actually generated a bit of warmth as my hands slid over them. I am thinking about adding some of the Caron Tulip Bamboo hooks, adding to my Clover Bamboo collection, or maybe even branching out into Rosewood. With sales and coupons, I always have chances to experiment.

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