Friday, November 11, 2011

Pilgrim Woman Amigurumi

As part of an extra item in a recent color crochet swap, I got a Needlecraft for Today Sept/Oct 1984 magazine. People who follow this blog know I love old crochet magazines and patterns. As I flipped through the many fall toy patterns I could add to my holiday collections, the one that I knew would make it to my list for this year was the Pilgrim set.

This pattern is different from many of the modern ami's because the bottom is left open and closed by a round crochet disc to make a flat bottom that provides a stable means for the woman to stand. I actually like this feature as it provides some stability for the toy that I have to use creative stuffing with for the more rounded modern ami's. This pattern also used a triple crochet stitch to create a nose, which is a technique I have not seen used in many of my modern ami patterns. I liked the way it looks and may try it again in some of my other patterns.

I have finished the body of the 18" doll Pilgrim dress, so I have made significant progress on that leaving me three more doll dresses to complete. I have one Pilgrim to complete and one more to start. The last items should be the Thanksgiving bells. I think I have a shot of completing most of these items in time for the mailing deadline.

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Daisy said...

Now that is just adorable. I might be dating myself here but the 80s did not seem like that long ago LOL!!

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