Friday, February 10, 2023

16 Inch Baby Doll Snuggle Sack 2

The snuggle sacks were a nice accessory to add to all the baby dolls this year and this is the last one I need for the 16 Inch baby dolls.

This is a free pattern you can find here. In order to make it fit you will need to add rows before doing the final finish row. It's easy to measure the sack on the doll as you go to make sure the size fits. I went with a J hook for the larger doll as it makes it a bit easier to get it in and out of the sack. The I hook works but it is a bit snugger. It all depends on how you want it to fit.

This was an odd Red Heart Skein I picked up and I haven't seen the color often so I thought it best to write down should I wish to find again Red Heart Super Saver Color Block Iris Bouquet.

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