Thursday, February 9, 2023

My Life Valentine Outfit

Valentine's Day kind of crept on me this year and while I can add holiday outfits at any time of the year since the donation doesn't go out until November there is something about making the outfits around the holiday as a way to celebrate that appeals to me. I finished Darski's pattern and decided to continue on with Adoring Doll's pattern that you can purchase here.

Pattern Notes:

I used an I hook for most of this pattern.

In order to get the slip stitches in I added them slightly differently than the designer. After row 1 I went back to the start of row 1 and did a row of pink slip stitches ended and finished off pink and continued on with white and row 2.

After row 2 I repeated this for second set of ss.

At the end of row 9 I repeated this for ss that heart will sit on.

Hat and shoes were made with I hook.


I hook

I added 2 sc rows to arms and finished them with a sc chain 3 skip on around

I finished complete edge of sweater in process of making suggested button hole I just preffered a finished look.

While I love the sailor shoes I have to remember to use this shoe pattern more frequently as I really like them!

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Jayne said...

What a beautiful little outfit. You are so creative! #MMBC

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