Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Barbie Simple Outfit

I am no doll expert, including Barbie but if you make enough clothes for dolls you start to understand a few things. I've learned over the years there are many versions of Barbie and when you find patterns for Barbie not only do you have to be aware of the age of the pattern because Barbies have changed through the years, but that even newer patterns can be made for different versions of Barbies and that can effect how the outfit will fit the doll.

You can find this free pattern for the Barbie Trendy doll here.

This pattern calls for Yarn and Colors Must Have which is a cotton sport weight I didn't have in my stash. I used Yarn Sub to find a sport cotton I use for ami's in my stash but when making the pattern it was huge for the Barbie I donate. I then moved on to Knit Picks Palette Fingering also in my stash and was closer to the fit I was hoping to get. I used a C hook for the top and a B hook for the bottom. If I used this yarn again for this outfit I'd go with a B hook for both. I'm currently experimenting with size 5 crochet thread to see if I can make this for Skipper.

I think I'd remove a row of the shirt for future outfits as it is a bit bunchy but I like the shirt. It is simple but an easy add on. I am still thinking about how to improve on the skirt as it is a bit poofy.

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