Monday, February 6, 2023

Barbie Nautical One Piece Swimsuit

I used to follow the Crochet for Barbie blogspot until it disappeared from the web. You can find this free pattern here while the link lasts.

I always expect issues of guage when I work with different designers and in this case she designs for a slightly different sized Barbie. However, with some work I like this outcome for Barbie's summer swim wear.

I used size 10 cotton crochet thread and Tulip Etimo 1.8mm Thread hook.

As always I take responsiblity for my odd guage so my notes are for my own use:

The red section of the suit fit as written. To make the white fit I stayed with the 36 stitches and didn't do the decreases. The increases made the outfit huge and the decreases didn't create the shaping as shown in the pattern picture. I'm OK with the look.

For the bottom blue section I stayed with the 36 stitches as well. For row 6 I sl st in the first 6 stitches and continued the pattern as written.

I slipped stitched the tie rather than sc as the sc were too thick to tie.

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