Thursday, December 2, 2010

Barbie Santa Crochet

I finally figured out the problems I was having with the free Barbie and Ken Pilgrim patterns and this first Barbie Santa was where the problems resolved themselves. You can find the free pattern here. Instead of a dress, the first Barbie is a two-piece outfit, a skirt and jacket. I do not believe I will have any problem making the next dresses I need to complete my Christmas list. Learning from my mistakes is half the journey.

I am going to try out the Christmas Caroler pattern before making my second Barbie Santa. I have until Christmas Eve before the second sets are delivered. However, I am running out of time as my shipping dates are closing in on the first set of Barbie items.

As I mentioned with the American Girl Doll post, I found some white yarn at a Church Christmas sale that has made wonderful trim for my holiday doll outfits.

Several people have commented about the thread vs. yarn issue with Barbie. Well Thanksgiving taught me that children like having Barbie clothes. Even the Barbie outfit I was not as pleased with was a hit. I fully understand thread looks better. For all those that think I need education, I do not. I have eyes and I can see the difference. Unfortunately, my hands do not seem to work with thread. However, I can still make clothes that send Barbie back to the time of the Pilgrims or make her into Mrs. Claus and that works for the kids who play with these outfits. Given a choice of these bulkier outfits or nothing, I have been told not to wait until I learn to use thread. Therefore, I will continue to admire the outfits people make with thread. However, I am not giving up making my bulkier alternatives leaving kids without clothes for their dolls.

I post the free patterns I can find for Barbie and company. Some are thread and some are yarn. If you cannot find what you want, I suggest you try the vintage market or look for people who sell their patterns to download. There are many thread patterns available. Not everyone generously donates his or her patterns for the rest of us to use. People are entitled to make money from what they create. I am truly grateful for those who donate the gift of their talents for our use. It has allowed me to create far more items this year than would have been possible otherwise. I have continued to buy new patterns and build my vintage pattern collection. However, the free patterns for Barbie, the American Girl Doll, and other crochet toys have extended my gift giving and charitable donations this year. I thank all those who freely give of their talents for the rest of us to enjoy. I hope all of them are blessed and able to continue sharing their talents with the rest of us.

Barbie and American Girl Doll Free Patterns are listed on my blog at these locations:

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