Monday, December 20, 2010

Colonial Snowman Lady Crochet

This is an adaptation of Annie's Crochet Newsletter Nov-Dec 1986 pattern, Tiny Snow People. I have been working with different sized hooks and playing with the hat and cloak to get a different look for the snow people. This one struck me as having more of a colonial look. The hat in particular just reminded me of the patriot women even more than the previous one I made.

I made another one as a gift thinking it would have the same look, but a few changes and she has a different historical look. That has been the fun with this pattern. I have a Ken hat I did not end up using for his caroler outfit, so I plan to make a snow couple for my husband's parents who will be here Christmas Eve. I am thinking a black hat and cloak for the man and something more festive for the female. However, these things have been evolving on their own so we will see what happens.

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