Wednesday, December 1, 2010

American Girl Doll Santa Crochet

I wanted to make a Santa outfit for the two girls I make Springfield and American Girl Doll clothes for as Christmas presents. Locating a free Santa hat pattern gave me hope for the project. However, I did not find a free pattern for a dress and did not want to experiment with trying to download a purchased pattern as our printer only recently has come back to our network. I started thinking about alternatives after finishing the last of the Pilgrim outfits.

I am new to crocheting in general and even newer to doll clothes making. People who have done this for decades surround me. Therefore, I do understand my level immaturity when it comes to the process.

I wanted a pattern I knew I could have success with and complete. Darski’s free Pilgrim outfit had proven to be a wonderful pattern that I could follow and fit as promised when I was done crocheting it. Crocheting the Pilgrim pattern in red seemed a solution to making a Santa dress. After playing with a Barbie Santa pattern, I decided to experiment with adding some white trim. The yarn was a great find at a Christmas Church sale. I would not normally have purchased the yarn because I had no idea if it would work for this type of project. When I looked after the fact in our local craft stores, the yarn is generally $5-6 per skein. However, at the expensive price of $.50 per skein one can take afford to experiment.

The free Santa Hat pattern was a wonderful find. I had never used the popcorn stitch and the author did a wonderful job explaining it. I worked on this Thanksgiving Day. I have trouble just sitting still with nothing in my hands. This project was a great way to keep my hands engaged. That being said, I pulled the popcorn section out four or five times as I lacked the concentration needed to follow that section of the pattern. I think I will make the second one in a more focused environment.

I have at least one more of these to make before Christmas Day. This one needs to be packed and shipped across country. I am trying to work out a plan for a Christmas Caroler outfit. If not this year, then next year is always a possibility.

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American Girl Doll Clothes said...

Hi all,

Really, American girl doll Santa crochet is looking so wonderful. Thanks for sharing it....

Alex said...
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Sheltie Times said...

Alex I didn't mean to delete your comment, but Blogger has been having a day. Anyways, I've been looking to find an updated link to the hat and today was our lucky day. While the pattern disappeared from the web on the old site, I did find her name and traced her to her new website recently. I'm thrilled because there is also a favorite sweater pattern there as well that I'd lost when she cancelled her previous address.

Alex said...

Can you post the new link for this?

Sheltie Times said...

If you click on Free Santa Hat Pattern in the article it takes you right to the pattern. The link is updated.

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