Monday, December 6, 2010

Kelly Santa Crochet

One of the Christmas presents I am sending out this year is a Barbie/Kelly set so I wanted to make sure Kelly also had a Christmas outfit. In my travels, I have not encountered a Kelly Santa outfit. I have no experience with Kelly at all. I only recently acquired a few Kelly dolls to use as models. I ordered a Kelly/Stacie pack on clearance and then found Kelly and Tommie at a Church sale.

I started by playing with a Cupie doll pattern. The Cupie doll is not in any way proportional to Kelly. However, it gave me some general ideas about working with smaller sized dolls. My next goal is to work on some free Kelly patterns I have downloaded to get a better feel for how to work with Kelly to make her outfits fit. However, I do think this is a cute first start.

Thankfully, there is only one family member with a Kelly doll so I do not have to try to repeat this creation as it was done on the fly with no guarantees I could successfully repeat it. The Cupie pattern started at the neck so I did also. It actually created the armholes in the opposite direction, neck down, not bottom up, that I am used to, but it worked. I single crocheted the top area, but double crocheted the gown. I tried adding arms, but the sports yarn was just too thick. Perhaps when I try an established pattern I will understand how others have accomplished that task.

The hat ended up larger than I wanted to accommodate her hair. She has a rather hard fixed ponytail that forced the hat to be wider than I wanted for such a small face.

I am looking forward to making more Kelly outfits. I have Skipper and Stacie to work on after the holidays are over. I have some vintage Annie's Attic patterns for Skipper and I think some of them are also for Stacie as well. I have to check her measurements to see what fits. However, those I do not need until Easter/May period. As much as I am tempted to pull them out, they need to remain boxed until after the holiday rush.

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