Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Plastic Canvas Ornament Vintage Book

I have mentioned several times that I use free Flickr or Morgue Files pictures when I do not have my own pictures to illustrate my blogs. I have received a number of inquires about the pattern for the plastic canvas ornaments on the Plastic Canvas Christmas page. Normally I have no idea where the photographer gets the items. The patterns could be orignal or from a book. However, while buying patterns for Christmas at a vintage site I came across the pattern for the items and bought the book for a family member as a Christmas present.

Please be clear I am not selling this item and since it was given as a Christmas present, cannot share it with anyone. However, I find it easier to search for patterns when I know the information I am seeking. It is hard to find a pattern based solely on a finished photograph of an item made.

The pattern booklet is Santa's Workshop in Plastic Canvas by Dick Martin. Leisure Arts published the pattern. The booklet is number is 361, published in 1985.

I know that is not as helpful as providing the pattern, but it is a start for those who want to track the item down. I will add a link to this information on the Plastic Canvas Christmas page for people who arrive there and want information on finding the pattern as well.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

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Unknown said...

Just got one of these patterns off of eBay for about $6. There are 5 more on there right now for anyone who is interested.

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