Friday, December 10, 2010

Farm Cilo Crochet

This was one of those projects that as soon as I saw it come up in my Blogger reader I knew I was going to make. Bizzy Crochet had blogged about this over the course of the summer and posted the free pattern in August. Her pattern includes not only the barn cilo, but also the farmer and animals. I already had made animals and a bag from an Annie's Attic pattern but the cilo bag was a great addition to my Christmas gift. I will be making another for the second Christmas farm set I made to give at Easter. I just ran out of Christmas crafting time. The second farm will have to wait for Easter to get a cilo.

I had the bag finished before Thanksgiving, it just needed to be put together. However, I stopped to finish my Thanksgiving toys and then had other Christmas projects to be finished. I finally forced myself to stop and do the final assemble job so this can be mailed with the other toys.

This is a great addition to Bizzy Crochet's Castle Bag that will be going to a different family member in the same box I need to mail out soon.

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