Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowman Boy Crochet

As I have mentioned many times I have been collecting vintage patterns and magazines. This snowman was made from a vintage Annie's Crochet Newsletter Nov-Dec 1986 pattern, Tiny Snow People.

I have had a great deal of fun experimenting with this pattern and have had several requests to make more. The pattern comes with directions for a boy and girl with winter outfits. The boy has a winter hat and scarf, the girl an winter hat and cape. As you will see in later blogs, I opted to do a historical look with the girl while doing the winter look with the boy.

One skill I have never been good with is making good French knots. I have moved to using safety eyes and noses on my amigurumi projects. However, this project called for knots for the "coal buttons." I experimented with safety eyes. One downside is that it was tough to get the crochet holes to line up straight to make the rows look straight. Even looking at the pattern picture, you can see where the French knots have been "adjusted" to account for the holes and even then, they do not line up exactly.

I also changed from worsted weight yarn to cotton dishcloth yarn to make the noses and it worked out well. I had orange left over from some Halloween dishcloths and it made stronger noses for the snowman than the worsted orange I had to use.

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