Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Female Snowman Crochet

Yesterday I wrote about the boy I made from the same Annie's Crochet Newsletter pattern. I started following the pattern for the hat for the girl and realized I liked the colonial look I got when I made more of a cap for the girl instead of a winter hat. Since the pattern called for giving the woman a cape instead of a scarf, I continued to play with the theme and I liked the way the pattern looked.

The Christmas box went out without Kelly or Ken's Christmas caroling outfits, so I have a Ken hat to play with and I am going to try to use it on one of the male snowman I still have to make. I am thinking about trying to individualize the snowman and add them to some of the Christmas packages I am giving out locally. I have one to finish to ship with a gift card. Since I am posting ahead, it should be mailed if all goes well by the time this post appears.

These two are happily providing some festive cheer in my husband's office. I may even be able to finish a few for the winter season for my own house. No guarantees they will be finished by Christmas, but I leave my snowmen out all winter long.

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