Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowman Lady Green Hat

I continue to keep my winter decorations out even after I put away my Christmas decorations after the first of the year. That is one of the reasons I have collected snowmen for years. There is something festive about keeping something up after the holidays have ended. I usually put the winter decorations away as I am getting the Easter stuff out. It keeps the winter blues away.

This lady was made for a family member. My original intent was to make another colonial lady. However, I ended up with more rows in her hat and she had a different look to her. Her nose also was longer and must represent a good carrot growing season. It just continues to demonstrate that I will never have a static ami line. Each one I make is always an original, no matter how many times I repeat the pattern.

As with the other snowmen ami's I have written about they all started with Annie's Crochet Newsletter Nov-Dec 1986, Tiny Snow People.

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