Thursday, December 30, 2010

Barbie Christmas Caroler Take Two

This was a lesson in why you need to keep your yarn stash organized. I was sure I had run out of teal that I used for several outfits this holiday season. Instead I had merely misunderstood how I had stored the color. I was thinking teal blue when I stored it and green when I searched. So I thought I was out when it came time to finish this outfit. Thus Barbie ended up with a black cape from some shimmer yarn I had been experimenting with on some other holiday projects. Shortly after finishing the cape I found the teal.

Since the exercise I have most of my yarns in see through plastic bins which has made finding stuff so much easier. I have a few more bins to buy and then all my yarn will be sorted and accessible when I need it. However, a black cape will go with other outfits that Barbie has more than the teal so in the long run I suspect this was not a bad thing.

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